Picturepark Trust and Policy

This page is intended to provide full disclosure on topics that might concern Picturepark customers, partners, sales prospects, employees and the media.

Marketing Automation

Until November, 2014, Picturepark employed a marketing automation system on this website and our DAM Guru Program website. That system tracked user visits and “cookied” personal information that had been provided on forms, such as name, email address, etc. This enabled Picturepark Sales to see which pages a person had visited on our site, see all forms submitted by that person, and see all emails sent to that person, complete with information about which emails were opened and clicked. (Note that DAM Guru Program member activities were never shared with Picturepark Sales.)

Though marketing automation is a standard practice today for many companies, we felt this level of automation unduly sacrificed the privacy of individuals who visit our website properties. Further, we realized that use of the collected data would conflict with our desire to never bother people with unsolicited emails and campaigns. There was, therefore, no reason for us to continue use of the marketing automation system. It was decommissioned on 30 Sept 2014.

If you visited the Picturepark or DAM Guru Program websites before that date, a cookie might have been placed on your computer by our former marketing automation system. Rest assured, that cookie lies dormant and is no longer accessible to us. If you wish to delete your cookies to ensure that ours and other cookies placed by other websites are removed, please visit this link.

Communications Opt-out

You may opt out of any email sent to you by Picturepark, immediately, and without hassle. Opt-out requests are processed within moments. We will not ask for “10 days to process your request,” or any such nonsense. We have no wish to bother anyone. Once you opt out, you will no longer receive promotional or news email from us. (Please note that this includes download links and webinar registrations.)

If you have opted out of Picturepark email and wish to receive email from our system again, you must email Picturepark Marketing and specifically request that the email account from which you are sending be removed from the opt-out list. This policy ensures we remain compliant with international SPAM-avoidance laws.

Sales Practices

No Picturepark employee is commissioned or otherwise awarded based on leads, sales or any related activity. We believe this policy has helped us build a sales team that better focuses on customer and prospect needs because our employees aren’t focused on personal goals or quarterly targets.

Picturepark sales people are encouraged to say “no” when no is the best answer. Picturepark will not fit the needs of all organizations. We evaluate sales prospects just as sales prospects evaluate DAM vendors. By ensuring that we sell our software only to organizations that can make good use of it, we’re able to maintain a satisfied customer base. Ninety-seven percent (97%) of all customers who started using Picturepark over the past 10 years are still using it today.

Media/Analyst Policy

Picturepark does not pay for media placements and we do not pay analysts to cover Picturepark. We appreciate the support given to us by press professionals and industry analysts, and we know it takes time to properly cover digital asset management software. But when coverage is sponsored, it can be unduly influenced, and this is our concern. We appreciatively provide personal demos and information to media professionals and analysts so that they can provide more valuable content to their customers, but it is our policy that we not be among those customers.

In addition, Picturepark does not engage in any activities that would encourage or influence user reviews that appear on peer-review websites. We do not ask customers to provide reviews for us because we think that is a disrespectful practice. And we do not engage in any practice, such as purchase, reward or any other tactic that leads to fake reviews appearing on those sites. We thank customers who provide reviews, but remind all that so long as so-called user reviews can be manipulated by peer-review website owners and their vendor partners, these websites might not provide reliable information or statistics.

Advertising Practices

Picturepark pays for online advertising through Google AdWords and other sources. You might see our ads when you search Google for DAM-related search terms, and you might encounter our visual (banner) ads as you browse the Web. Google alone determines exactly when and where these ads appear. Picturepark makes every effort to ensure that the advertising claims we make are factually correct and never misleading. If you have seen a Picturepark advertisement that you think is misleading or inappropriate in any way, please notify Picturepark Marketing.

Website SEO Practices

Picturepark Web properties are designed in accordance with “white hat” SEO practices sanctioned and recommended by Google. Our goal is to be found on the Web and to rank highly for the terms Web visitors use to find digital asset management software and the services we offer. We employ no search engine tricks or underhanded website design tactics on this or any other Picturepark-owned Web resource. We believe we will do best by offering you the best content and information we can, and by offering Google and other search engines a clean, trustworthy website to crawl.

Integrity of Content

Picturepark will not intentionally try to mislead or deceive the audiences of any content we publish, including news, educational materials and promotional communications. If you believe that a claim made by Picturepark is deceptive, misleading or factually incorrect, please notify Picturepark Marketing.

Webinar Guests

Picturepark does not pay or otherwise compensate our webinar guests. A small token gift is usually sent after a webinar to thank our guests for their participation. This gift is usually a box of the world’s finest chocolates made you-know-where.

Your Personal Information (Privacy Policy)

The information you provide Picturepark is collected and processed in accordance with our official privacy policy. A link to this policy can be found beneath each form on this and other Picturepark-owned websites.

DAM Guru Program Administration Policy

DAM Guru Program was developed by Picturepark to provide a free service through which DAM professionals (gurus) could connect with others who need their help, whether those people are DAM “newbies” or employers who have DAM job openings.

In order to ensure DAM Guru Program continues to be a unbiased resource for its members and the DAM community, DAM Guru Program membership operations are isolated from Picturepark sales operations. DAM Guru Program is not used as a lead source for Picturepark sales teams. As a matter of policy, Picturepark sales teams will never contact a DAM Guru Program member unless that member has shown specific interest in Picturepark software or other Picturepark resources, or has asked to be contacted by Picturepark.

DAM Guru Program “Gurus” are likewise required to abstain from using the program solely as a source for new business unless they have made clear that their services are available for hire only. When reports of violations of this policy are received, they are investigated. First-time offenders are educated; second-time offenders are removed from the program.

Because DAM Guru Program is a vendor-neutral resource, the DAM Guru Program website, blog and Twitter feeds will at times reference other DAM solutions. In addition, the employees of other DAM software vendors are welcomed to join DAM Guru Program if they have legitimate DAM experience to offer.

Financial Solvency and Litigation

Picturepark is a brand owned by privately held Swiss corporation Vision Information Transaction AG (VIT). Profits are primarily allocated for further investment into product and international expansion.

VIT has no long-term debt. The company has no pending legal actions against it, nor is it involved in any legal actions against other entities or individuals.