Content Platform Administration (10.6)

Current: Breithorn Release (v10.6.1)

The Picturepark Content Platform serves three main use cases:

  1. Standalone Content System (for product information PIM, for digital assets DAM, for master data MDM)

  2. Enterprise Content Integration Bus with one unified interface

  3. Technology platform where developers can build apps and microsites

Find here the Picturepark YouTube Video.

Release Notes

You find the current release notes here

For all releases check the corresponding release notes:

Known Issues

You find an overview of known issues on the Picturepark Customer Support page listed per release.
See this link:

Direct access to known issues of the current release is here:

API Breaks

You find an overview of API breaks listed in the current release notes using this URL:

You can also find the release notes on the customer support page


Access to TypeScript SDK, DotNet SDK, and Samples for Content Portal and Press Portal are available from the Picturepark GitHub account at

Online Demo

Our public demo showcases our Content Platform in use, providing you with various examples of how a virtual organization would use the platform:

You can access the Admin UI to see the Content Platform for building and managing your content. You can access the microsites, which would be the portals your general users access frequently. Select your desired demo experience here:


In the webinar, we're going to cover:

  • How can Picturepark help you conquer your content?

  • How can our features help you achieve your goals?

  • What is Master Data Management: a simple concept that defends against disorganization!

  • Headless Publishing: not just for Halloween, you'll already be using it every day without even realizing it.

  • Make life more comfortable - cut out tedious, repetitive tasks with the power of automation.