Filter are values used to refine Content Items in the Content Browser or List Items in the List Browser. Those filters are shown on the right (sidebar) and help to refine your search for desired content. Moreover, query filters help to restrict the values available for tagging in a tagbox e.g. show only products for EMEA; or the items displayed in a specific Channel e.g. only approved product marketing content. The filter uses all information saved in the metadata or virtual content. You can only configure filters if you are familiar with the field types in Picturepark.

Filter Types are available in the Content Browser, List Item Browser, Collections (not editable), Shares (not editable), Users (not editable), Notifications (not editable). Filters are groups of query filters. That means that you want to offer Filters to the user based on available metadata values of a content (result set) e.g. Filters "Media type" allows the user to filter for all content tagged with a media type or Filter for "Department" allows the user to filter content tagged with a department. Picturepark offers an editor for configuration.

Query Filter Types are available in the channel to limit the display of Content Items, in specific fields (Tagbox, Relationship) and via API (searching content, creation of channels, tagbox fields, relationship fields, or lists). The query filter queries for a finite set of content based on specific criteria e.g. show only Arrangements, show only current employees, show only players from Real Madrid. Those filters do not require user input, they have a fixed return set. Query Filters are code, there is no editor.