The Picturepark Manifesto

Find out what drives, inspires and motivates us to deliver solutions the way we do.

Find out what drives, inspires and motivates us to deliver solutions the way we do.

We’ve been active in the content management industry for over two decades. During the course of that time, we’ve seen a lot of changes.

The market moves fast. Perpetually adapting, inventing and improving. Overcoming challenges and coming up against new ones. New technologies, product categories and buzzwords arrive, as others slip into the shadows. The cycle goes on and on, at an ever-quickening pace. All in a ceaseless drive to manage ever-more content better, faster and more efficiently.

But some things don’t change.

The reasons we established ourselves in the content management space long ago stay the same: providing content management products that outlast and outperform.

The Picturepark Manifesto, as outlined below, defines the philosophy that underpins everything we do:

Fundamentally Frank.

Everything that we design, build and release is made to be as sleek and as streamlined as possible. We create with no bells or whistles. We place such great emphasis on firm foundations because they are all too often overlooked but they’re not just a ‘nice to have’: they’re the vital backbone required for building the best sustainable solutions.

We pride ourselves on being nimble and focusing on where our strengths lie: building the fundamentals. And we’re equally proud to see our partners and customers creatively lever our technology for their solutions and new products, in exactly the way they want.

API-First Versatility.

We work hard to make our platform products versatile and highly scalable – basing them on modern technologies and using as little legacy code as possible. All this enables our customers and partners to build and extend their solutions gradually in an agile way, rather than risk themselves with ‘big bang’ failures.

We don’t just incorporate what already exists, we plan ahead for what is yet to come. We have long recognised that APIs will dominate when it comes to the exchange of any type of content: that’s why we are diligently developing our API-first Picturepark Content Platform.

Strictly Structured.

In content management, structure and context matters – a lot. Whether you’re setting out on automating processes or simply providing context, your content needs to be strictly structured and connected. Otherwise, you risk getting buried beneath ever-growing content libraries, wasting countless hours on tedious menial tasks.

We believe that good information architecture and data structure are not nice things to have: it’s a necessity that will ultimately free us as human beings, enabling us to carry out the creative tasks where we truly excel. That’s why we say: if you’re not willing to structure your content, then Picturepark is not for you.

Swiss Made.

We’re a Swiss company not only by location – the concept of Swissness permeates everything we do: characterised by quality, reliability, innovation, fairness and independence.

We challenge how things are done, instead of blindly following the crowd we ask ‘why’. We emphasize quality and precision engineering over gimmicks and empty promises. Instead, we follow a simple philosophy: build products that outlast and outperform.