Headless Content Services

API-first Publishing of Content to Any Channel.

Picturepark manages both strictly structured “fileless” content such as page content or information about products, events or people, and file-based content, such as images, documents and videos.

Headless content management describes using a backend content repository that provides access to content so that other systems can process or publish it cross-channel to websites, mobile apps and other business systems. It is often also referred to as decoupled CMS or Content-as-a-Service (CaaS),

Manage Any Type of Content.

Content Objects

Digital Assets



Picturepark lets you define content objects that precisely meet your types of content such as boilerplates, landing pages, adverts, product promotions, and more. Each object can be composed out of other items: digital assets or ready-made text blocks which are managed centrally in a strictly-structured way and can be repurposed wherever needed.

Picturepark is ideal for managing large amounts of file-based content, so called “digital assets”: images, videos, audio, documents, zips, and more. Plus: You get powerful search, metadata and automation capabilities so that you can easily find and maintain these files after upload too.

Markdown was designed with focus on structuring content for omnichannel use, while still being readable and easy to use for editors. The Picturepark markdown editor for text fields allows for basic formattings like the use of headlines, bold, italic for descriptions, press kit content, or product details, to highlight specific areas or structure longer texts, including adding links, images and more. This makes things easier for you and more attractive for your audience.

You can curate any product attributes in Picturepark Lists: product families and categories, industry norms, classification codes, color options, product features, and much more in one or multiple languages. Each list item can contain its own information, mastered in Picturepark or provided by integrated systems.

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Service Content Omnichannel.

Any Content Type

From brand logos to product pictures, event videos to animated gifs, brochures to adverts, or even landing pages to online press kits: Enjoy the freedom of no limits. Be it file-based or ‘file-less’ content, Picturepark manages it all.

Omnichannel Publishing

Publish content in an omnichannel way by strictly structured capture, standardisation and reuse of different kinds of information. Be it simple text blocks, boilerplates, disclaimers or more complex press kits - our virtual Content Types store them all.

Semantic Data Models

Help users find what they are really searching for in no time. Build sophisticated data models that support different search strategies, consistent data capture and better interconnected information.

Integrate via API & SDK

Integrate content faster via our comprehensive REST API and our SDKs in .NET and Typescript, which come with Angular and Fetch service classes. Use UI elements such as a Content Picker or trigger Service Providers via the Picturepark Livestream. All benefits of our API-first approach.

Modern Technologies

Enjoy the benefits of modern technologies with as little legacy code/framework as possible. Let our powerful data core, business rule engine and microservices architecture push you ahead, to accomplish more.

Do More in Less Time


Use your time for better things: Tag content such as images and videos but also text blocks with the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Analyse for sentiments, automatically detect and match keywords onto your taxonomies, and more.

Adaptive Metadata

Describe, control and find your content better by only tracking the metadata that makes sense - depending on its type, lifecycle, purpose or other criteria. Tag your images, videos, text blocks and content objects faster and more precisely.

Microsites & Portals

Put a UI over your data that excites your audience. Take a "no code" approach for brand portals, document archives, product literature finders or press corners. Or go via a completely customized approach with our Microsite SDK.

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