Sample Development Use Cases

Managing digital assets is a core capability of both the Picturepark DAM and the Picturepark Content Platform.

Managing digital assets (files) is a core capability of both the Picturepark DAM and the Picturepark Content Platform. Upload files from anywhere, add Adaptive Metadata™ layers, download, share and integrate wherever digital assets are used.

Sample Integrations and Connectors

Picturepark can be integrated into any system that needs content from a single source or which provides master content for reuse by other systems via Picturepark. Common ecosystem integrations include

  • Content Management (CMS) and Digital Experience Management (CX) systems.
  • Marketing Automation (MA) systems.
  • Product Information Management (PIM) systems.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.
  • E-commerce and Webshop systems.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.
  • Image and video streaming platforms.
  • Other Master Data Management (MDM) systems.

For all these systems, Picturepark either acts as a master data provider, a master data consumer, or both – then can also act as the content routing platform or content hub between different silos. Classical scenarios are:

  • Providing integrated systems with access to file content such as images, videos or pdfs. Such file content can be transferred: creating a copy, or embedded and linked directly from Picturepark via a Content Delivery Network (CDN).
  • Provide integrated systems access to strictly structured virtual content from virtual types and lists such as product data, store and site information, dealer lists, press kits, historic company milestones and more.
  • Retrieve and connect any master data such as product data or the latest inventory information from a PIM or ERP system. This also includes master data from specialty databases or applications too. It is then possible to use it to make content managed via Picturepark easier-to-find and allows users to better explore, thanks to providing more relevant context.
  • Use Picturepark as the single source of truth for any relevant data delivered by upstream master data management systems, then enrich and connect this data to make it accessible in a unified way (e.g. via one API, instead of many different ones) to downstream systems.

Note: If you are considering using Picturepark as a replacement for some of the aforementioned systems then please read more under solutions as to where you might find fit.

Sample Apps and Microsites

Picturepark can be used for storing and providing content for any kind of data, that can then be used for further processing via apps or microsite portals. Common apps and microsites include:

  • Content portals for agencies, dealers and internal stakeholders; e.g. in sales or marketing.
  • Press and Investor Relations (IR) portals for media representatives, investors and others.
  • Product finders which enable interested buyers to filter for products and then buy via an e-commerce solution.
  • Landing pages for highly granular personas which are then connected to marketing automation systems or a CRM system.
  • Digital signage terminals that carry out a range of functions e.g. guide people through exhibitions or provide point-of-sale (POS) information in a shop.
  • Mobile apps which provide helpful purchases or other data based on geo-information e.g. in national parks, zoos or at festivals.

A visual representation of a few microsite samples can be found online here or directly as part of our live online demo.

Existing Picturepark DAM Connectors

A number of different Picturepark Apps & Connectors are available today, some of which are provided as out-of-the-box and commercially licensed but others are open source, covered under the MIT license, helping you to get started in building something similar.

Note: The Apps & Connectors section could feature and promote your connector, app or microsite if you were to join us as a Picturepark Technology Partner.

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