Image & Media Optimisation

Convert, Optimise and Integrate Your Images, Videos and Documents.

Picturepark delivers optimised media files easy to integrate from a single source of truth.

Consumers today need to be fully engaged when making product decisions. Picturepark Media Optimisation delivers images, videos and documents in the best available quality across devices and around the globe. Plus: it also massively simplifies the integration and management of these files.

Deliver Fast & Automated.

Keep it in a Single Source.

With the Media Optimiser, your files need not leave the one and only single source but can be directly served from there to where required: via embed links that define all conversion parameters and dynamically apply it when the link is called.

Always Fast via CDN.

Deliver your content blazing fast - all around the clock and all around the globe. Using Fastly CDN, a narrow network of edge location caches your content closer to the consumer and ensures it’s up even when Picturepark is on maintenance.

Completely Automated.

Don’t just serve files but keep them sorted in an as automated as possible way. Using Picturepark automation, your content will become analysed, tagged and structured according to predefined Business Rules and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Among others, the Picturepark Media Optimiser supports the following features:


  • Cropping: to a focal point (defined manually or via AI), using free/fixed proportions.

  • Resize to, fit in, scale to width/height dimensions.

  • Rotate (clockwise or counterclockwise), sharpen images.

  • Discard (transparent), replace (inverted) of Alpha channel to a color.

  • Convert to JPG, PNG, or TIFF (using compression).

  • Append a custom-defined filename for SEO purposes.

  • Manipulate via URL parameter; or lock the URL for disabling changes.

  • Use preset templates of all conversion parameters, and store presets for images.


  • Retrieve original, medium or small video version; or an MP3 audio file.

  • Retrieve preview images (keyframes for video or waveforms for audio).


  • Retrieve the original document file, or a PDF version of it.

  • Retrieve cover previews in different sizes.

Media optimisation are made via:

  • Media Editor in the Admin UI.

  • URL parameters (if not locked).

  • API.

Built-in CDN Support:

When using embed links for media optimization, you should be using a Content Delivery Network (CDNs). Picturepark offers Fastly CDN as an add-on option or as part of the subscription plan for ensuring high-performing and reliable 24x7 global delivery of content.

Media Optimisation Demo.

Book a meeting to learn how Picturepark helps you organize your digital assets and other types of information in an automated way.

Do More in Less Time.

Data Automation

Locate your product content and automatically add relevant product information. Or identify content that’s related to projects, people or events and tag it based on references - for helpful context and a better search experience.

Product Lifecycle

Make product content available to the right people, at the right time and for the right task: to review, release and use. Automatically depublish and archive content, based on product end-of-life dates and other criteria.


Publish content the omnichannel way by use of strictly-structured data and segmentation into content blocks. Be it a simple piece of text with headings, feature listings or more complex objects - our Virtual Items store them all.

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