Top 10 Tips for E-Commerce Conversion Rate Optimization

Convert more leads to sales.

Imagine logging into your dashboard and seeing that you have converted more leads today than yesterday. Exciting, right? But what is the best way to get more conversions out of your leads? By optimizing your website. E-commerce conversion rate optimization (eCRO) is one of the best things you can do to pull in more traffic, get more leads, and ultimately convert those leads to sales. Here are a few tips to help with your eCRO.

1. Use High-Quality Pictures

Using the right pictures makes all the difference. Your customers like to know what they are really buying, and good-quality photos showcase your product in the best light. Improve your product photography as best you can by using a high-end camera. If you have great-quality photos, you don't have to do much touch-up work after you've taken them.

2. Use New Images

Don't keep outdated, old products on your website or in your app. Make sure all images you are using are relevant to products you currently have in stock or will shortly have in stock. If your customers cannot buy the products on your site, word gets out quickly, and viewers will stop looking at your page.

3. Crop Your Photos

Show off your products by cropping extra background "stuff" out of the photograph. Make your product the star of the picture and let it shine. Crop to the right size dimensions, based on your website's specifications, and use presets so your images look uniform throughout your website or app.

4. Use Focal Points

By cropping to a focal point, you ensure the product in your picture is focused. This again shows your product in its best light, as with regular cropping.

5. Use Omnichannel Resizing

Today's websites and apps can be pulled up on desktop computers as well as tablets and smartphones, which means that you must optimize your website for mobile users. For example, if your pictures are not set to the correct width and height for each device, they will skew when your viewers are looking at them. This omnichannel distribution is crucial to improving your conversion rate.

6. Convert Colors

Use a digital asset management platform to assist with converting your CMYK colors. CMYK colors are fantastic for printing, but when in the digital space, you'll want to use RGB, HEX, or SRGB color schemes instead.

7. Change Your File Names

Use your SEO keywords in your file names to make the files SEO-friendly. Anytime you have additional keywords for the search engines, your content distribution rates will increase as people search the web for your product.

8. Use the Right File Type

Some websites call for pictures to be uploaded with specific file types — many times, JPG or PNG. If you are using a newer or updated platform, they may also ask for WebP, which helps your page load faster and improves the shopping experience for your customers.

9. Streamline Product Descriptions

Not all product descriptions need to be lengthy. There are times when you will need to have a longer product description to truly explain your product, but if you don't need it, keep them short and sweet. Use the same tags and descriptions anytime you mention that specific product on your site.

10. Use a Digital Asset Management Platform

A digital asset management (DAM) platform can help you organize your products, images, and other information for your website. For example, in a DAM like Picturepark, you can make all of your image adjustments, color changes, resizing, cropping, and more for your product content distribution.

E-commerce optimization is critical to selling your products and turning your website into a conversion machine. Do it all in one place with a solid DAM like Picturepark to save you time.

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