Picturepark Titlis Release | Jun 2021

Improvements to Statistics, Version History, Logon UX, and more.

The Picturepark Content Platform is released in its newest version.

  • Version: Titlis Release (10.10)
  • Date: 5-Jun-2021
  • Platform: {name}.picturepark.com
  • Main changes:
    • Statistics Export
    • File Version History
    • Improved UX at Login
License Note: CC BY SA, Source: Flickr, Creator: Mikael Grevsten, Language: EN, Original Title: Engelberg-Titlis, Note: creds to A. Fredriksson for LR settings

Titlis is a mountain of the Uri Alps, located on the border between the cantons of Obwalden and Bern. At 3238 meters above sea level, it is the highest summit of the range north of the Susten Pass, between the Bernese Oberland and Central Switzerland. The Titlis is home of the world’s first revolving cable car which has some relations to revolving historic file versions in this Picturepark release.

Release Details

These are the final release notes.

Release Details

Please note that these release notes are currently in a preliminary state; they are therefore not binding and subject to change. Any significant changes, which will be fully binding, will be made available during the week of the official release.

Export Statistics

Export Statistics

Analyze your content performance by exporting usage statistics along with metadata to gain real insights.

Details Content Engagement

File Version History

File Version History

View the complete version history of a file content item, download previous versions of the file, or selectively delete them via UI and API.

Details Version History

Optimized UX at Login

Optimized UX at Login

Improved user experience and branding when registering a new account and logging in, especially if federated from Active Directory.

Details UX at Login

English Only

Please be aware that the content is available in English only.

For Editors
For Admins
Upcoming Major Release This Fall
New Picturepark Apps & Connectors
Changes To API & SDKs
Changes To System Requirements
Bug Fixes

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