Picturepark Güpfi Release | March 2024

Release Notes outlining the features and changes introduced by the latest new version of the Picturepark Content Platform.

A new version of the Picturepark Content Platform will be released.

Version: Content Platform Güpfi (11.10) will be released on the 7-March-2024.
Main changes: New deployment capabilities, select all related content on download, UI required fields, display value rendering performance improvements.


Güpfi (2,043 meters above sea level) is a mountain of the Urner Alps. From the summit, there is an amazing view of Lake Lungern and the Wetterhorn mountains. It is also a popular location for hiking and winter skiing, and its rock formations attract profession climbers.

Release Details

Please note that these are the final release notes.

Deployment improvements

As mentioned in the previous release notes, the upgrade process and deployment downtime have been significantly improved. Once a new version of the Content Platform is available, your instance will be upgraded according to the maintenance window set. This release is the first example of these deployment improvements! More details about the entire process can be found here.

UI required fields

A new option has been added to the field settings. When you create a schema, you can set one or more fields to UI required. This means that the item cannot be saved in the UI without the UI required fields being filled out. As with all mandatory fields, the UI required fields are indicated with an asterisk. This functionality is useful for importing data from third-party systems, allowing editors to subsequently add necessary additional information. This can also be leveraged by using the Business Rules, you can now add a layer with Business Rules and/or XMP mapping and then enforce the filling out of further information later.

Select all related content on download

The Content Platform now offers an enhanced feature for downloading items with related content. You can effortlessly select all related content with a single click, eliminating the need to pick each item individually. This feature allows the selection of up to 100 items at once, with the option to manually add or remove additional items as needed. For instance, this is particularly useful for downloading PDFs along with all their available language versions.

Güpfi related Content

Display value rendering performance improvements

We've made enhancements to our display value rendering process, achieving a twofold increase in speed. This improvement has been particularly noticeable in large-scale deployments, where our clients are now experiencing markedly faster performance.

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