Picturepark Piz Roseg Release | June 2023

Release notes outlining the features and changes introduced by the latest new version of the Picturepark Content Platform.

A new version of the Picturepark Content Platform will be released.

Version: Picturepark Piz Roseg (11.7) will be released on 24-June-2023.
Main changes:
Customizable Previews, Emails in Comments and Metadata Export in Collections

The Swiss mountain Piz Roseg with snow and fog. Source: Flickr.com | Author: online-hygiene | License: CC BY SA.
Piz Roseg (3937m), located in the Swiss canton of Graubünden, is a prominent mountain in the Bernina Range with three notable summits. The first ascent to the Schneekuppe was accomplished in 1863, while the highest point was reached in 1865. Separated from Piz Scerscen by Porta da Roseg, its Swiss side features a steep ice slope of up to 70°. The mountain's 700-meter north-east face offers challenging routes with a notable mountain range, first climbed in 1890.

Release Details

Please note that these are the final release notes.

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Release video showing customizable previews, emails in comments and metadata export in collections.

Customizable Previews

Customizable Previews

Customizable previews enhance efficiency, organization, and user experience by providing visually appealing representations for zip files, virtual items like Press Kits, and others.

Details Customizable Previews

Highlighting Users in Comments

Highlighting Users in Comments

By highlighting emails in mentions, notified users can respond immediately to targeted comments, leading to improved teamwork.

Details Highlighting Users in Comments

Metadata Export in Collections

Metadata Export in Collections

The export in collections enables users to easily share or analyze metadata outside of Picturepark, promoting data accessibility.

Details Metadata Export in Collections

Intuitive Access Management

Intuitive Access Management

The intuitive access management simplifies complex tasks, such as setting up a new user or changing permissions.

Details Intuitive Access Management

Further Changes
Picturepark Klyck Connector
🚨 Changes To API & SDKs

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