Letter from Picturepark CEO Ramon Forster

Letter from Picturepark CEO Ramon Forster

A letter from Picturepark CEO Ramon Forster to customers and partners regarding the next-generation release of Picturepark.

Dear Customers and Partners,

For the past several years, we have been designing the next generation of Picturepark. As we approach the year of that new release, I want to bring you up to date on what new capabilities we will be offering.

We live in the digital information age where we face an ever growing wave of contents to be managed. These contents are no longer just simple files. Some have become complex objects, such as social media posts, Web CMS articles, press kits, product data, and more. What we think of as “content” today is often multiple pieces of content that we consider as one.

Not only do all these pieces need to be managed in a controlled way, they also have to go to ever more places automatically. For this, we need automated routing that is based on rules and conditions that can bring the content from where it is created or stored to where it is used, on time and in the right format.

When we introduced Adaptive Metadata almost four years ago, we did so because we strongly believed that to control all these pieces of content, we have to put the content into context and semantically connect it. What surprised us was how well a feature designed for managing metadata could ultimately be applied to virtually all aspects of content management.

We realized that we had to build a next-generation Picturepark that would become a content platform that can route content from where it is stored to where it is needed, levering our Adaptive Metadata at the core. And because such a content-routing platform must primarily serve as an integrated backbone to other systems and processes, the next-generation Picturepark had to be built “API first” and highly scalable from the ground up, while staying lightweight and easy to use.

Thanks to years of dedicated efforts by the Picturepark team, we are now in late-stage development of this next-generation Picturepark, expecting general cloud availability in the 2nd quarter of 2017.

In the linked PDF you will find further information. Starting today, we will inform you periodically about the status of the next-generation Picturepark.

If you have any questions not answered, please contact your account manager or me directly. I look forward to see you benefit from this next-generation Picturepark and value your feedback.

Sincere regards,

Ramon Forster
CEO, Picturepark

P.S. We will soon start releasing regular tips and tricks about the next generation of Picturepark in our monthly news. You can sign up for that at https://picturepark.com/subscribe