Picturepark Announces the 2imagine Connector for the Editing of Adobe InDesign Documents from Within a Web Browser

Aarau, Switzerland – 15th January 2021 - Swiss digital content automation provider Picturepark® has announced the release of the 2imagine Connector for Picturepark. The new collaborative connector allows for the modification of Adobe InDesign files from within a web browser, using files stored on Picturepark.

The connector focuses on the streamlining of creative workflows, delivering web-to-print functionality and much more. The connector empowers users in a multitude of ways: as the editing of Adobe InDesign documents is done within a browser, it means that a downloaded version of Adobe InDesign is not required: opening the door for usage on a greater range of device types. In addition, for those already accessing Picturepark files from within a browser, there is no need to switch applications.

A whole range of use-cases are enhanced with the connector. Primarily, it is ideal for those seeking to localize flyers, packaging, pamphlets and other marketing materials: both in terms of language localization and also in regard to localizing information on a regional basis for franchise owners or local dealerships.

Creative control and brand consistency are two areas of prime importance for organizations, when it comes to editing print-able marketing material. The 2imagine Connector for Picturepark ensures compliance in these areas. Picturepark, as a DAM platform, has a carefully considered selection of different levels for user-rights. User-rights permissions are carried over to the connector from Picturepark, ensuring that admins can exert the same level of control over content as they would on Picturepark itself. As with any collaborative tool, simultaneous editing of the same document is a risk: the 2imagine connector combats this by enabling documents to be locked during the editing process.

Speaking regarding the launch of the connector, Picturepark Director of Global Business Development, Philip Axmann said the following: “With multiple decades of DAM know-how under our belt at Picturepark, we’re highly familiar with how ease-of-access can transform collaborative workflows. Adobe InDesign continues to remain a dominant player in all things print, so it’s great to have a connector that makes editing & collaboration even more accessible. The 2imagine connector allows for smoother, more scalable working; securing faster time-to-market, regardless of whether those editing are internal or external to an organization.”

The abilities of the new connector are pertinent to Picturepark’s continued strengthening in the domain of Product Information Management (PIM). The connector provides a reliable way to modify product packaging; whether that is related to precision details or working with a pre-designed and approved template. Combined with Picturepark’s powerful PIM capabilities, users of the connector have the ability to fetch specific product data such as SKUs and include it on packaging: all carried out within the same browser window.

For additional details about the connector, as well as a video-walkthrough of typical usage, the official 2imagine Connector for Picturepark page contains more information.

About 2imagine

Since 2003, 2imagine has developed a Cloud solution to optimize marketing processes. Their brand portal with online WYSIWYG editor for Adobe InDesign and Illustrator documents is an accessible Cloud or on-premise service. Using REST API’s, editors can be seamlessly integrated with solutions such as DAM, PIM, AEM and more.

They blur boundaries between graphic designers and all stakeholders involved in a production process. More than 100 companies worldwide use 2imagine for their marketing productions.

About Picturepark

Picturepark enables organizations to build purpose-specific solutions that help them to better manage and route any type of content, at any scale.

Picturepark manages file-based and fileless content in a strictly-structured way: featuring content management innovations such as Adaptive Metadata™, semantic relationships and microsites.

Designed API-first and based on a modern technology stack, Picturepark combines the primary benefits of multiple content management disciplines: master data (MDM), product information (PIM), digital asset (DAM) and headless content management.

Picturepark can be used as a standalone content system, as a content integration bus which routes content to other systems and as a platform technology which provides the base for customers or partners to build their own purpose-specific content solutions.