Picturepark Breithorn Release Introduces Support for Single Sign-On

Aarau, Switzerland – 8th June 2020 - Swiss digital content management provider Picturepark® has announced the new features, upgrades, and changes in its “Breithorn” Release of the Picturepark Content Platform. The release was made generally available on 6th June 2020 and covered a multitude of areas, the key aspects of which include: the introduction of federated authentication enabling customers to use ‘single-sign-on’, a new ability to manage user rights in batches and improvements to the way in which business rules can be configured.

The new support for federated authentication comes via the OpenID Connect (OIDC) protocol, and means that Picturepark users can now login using their existing company accounts; centrally managed by their IT departments. Another key time-saving benefit for Picturepark users is that they will no longer be required to wait for approval from administrators, as they are logged in directly once they have a session with a supported identity provider (IdP). The new feature supports claim and user group mappings so that user permissions can be controlled by IdP too.

Omnichannel platform provider Picturepark outlined that improved user management options mean that batch operations are now available to admins. Examples of where this will be especially useful include the ability to assign roles to all users, instantly inviting them in batches to use Picturepark, simultaneously lock or delete all of them, or just a larger group e.g. users of an agency.

The powerful Business Process Engine (BPE) in Picturepark enables the automation of tasks. The Breithorn Release of Picturepark adds trace logs to the BPE, assisting admins in debugging and testing the business rules which they have created; enabling them to access the logs from within the toolbar. It also adds new actions that enhance the functionality with the negation of conditions as well as data cleansing and data integrity manipulations that greatly improve its scope of use when processing information and automating quality control or content distribution.

Picturepark has also announced that it has changed the naming style of releases for the Picturepark Content Platform. Speaking on the subject, Ramon Forster CEO of Picturepark, said the following: “A key tenet of our manifesto is being Swiss Made and this is why our June 2020 release is named after the majestic mountain Breithorn. It marks the celebration of our roots, of our ‘Swiss-ness’ and it is the first release of many that we will name after a Swiss mountain.”

In addition to these key areas, Picturepark’s new release also addresses improvements and changes to the ability to simultaneously download multiple dynamic custom formats in a single zip file, greater flexibility in transparency rendering options for vector graphics, ‘view for all’ permissions for output formats, and the availability of the reworked Sharepoint Connector for the Content Platform.

The full list of improvements, changes, and bug fixes can be found in the official Breithorn release notes.

For more information about Picturepark, visit: https://picturepark.com or contact info@picturepark.com.

About Picturepark

Picturepark enables organizations to build purpose-specific solutions that help them to better manage and route any type of content, at any scale.

Picturepark manages file-based and fileless content in a strictly-structured way: featuring content management innovations such as Adaptive Metadata™, semantic relationships and microsites.

Designed API-first and based on a modern technology stack, Picturepark combines the primary benefits of multiple content management disciplines: master data (MDM), product information (PIM), digital asset (DAM) and headless content management.

Picturepark can be used as a standalone content system, as a content integration bus which routes content to other systems and as a platform technology which provides the base for customers or partners to build their own purpose-specific content solutions.