Asset Atelier Joins Picturepark Partner Network

Aarau, Switzerland – 04 September 2014 – New York digital asset management specialists Asset Atelier have joined the Picturepark partner network. The firm, founded by Julie Maher and Alice Merchant, provides hands-on consulting services that guide clients from initial physical artifact assessment to digital initiative consultation, deployment and support. Maher and Merchant have over 30 years combined experience in digital archiving and digital asset management.

“We were drawn to Picturepark because we share the company’s dedication to DAM education,” said Merchant. “We have spent much time over the years trying to help customers understand the right questions to ask about digital asset management. We see Picturepark doing the same thing, which makes the collaboration a natural fit.”

Thanks to Maher’s Master in Library & Information Science (MSLIS) degree from Pratt Institute, and Merchant’s Information & Knowledge Strategy (IKNS) studies at Columbia University (MS expected late 2014), Asset Atelier approaches digital asset management from an information management perspective. This enables the company to work with clients ahead of the software purchase to ensure that policy and goals are in place before contracts are signed.

“We’re fluent in the types of work our customers are doing, which leads to trust,” Merchant said. “We work with people during all stages of the software process, but we find projects are most successful when requirements are clear before tools are considered.”

Picturepark will be the first digital asset management vendor Asset Atelier has directly partnered with since its founding. Maher and Merchant work with other DAM systems, but they feel strongly about endorsing Picturepark by becoming a part of official partner network. “When we see something that meets and exceeds our stringent expectations, we want to get the word out,” Maher said.

Maher and Merchant have worked on DAM projects for clients that include Abbott, Amgen, Cardinal Health, Forest Laboratories, General Motors, Lilly, National Football League, New York Daily News, Ralph Lauren, Sanofi-Aventis, Tiffany & Co., NBC Universal and Wenner Media (Men’s Journal, Rolling Stone, US Weekly).

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