DAM Guru Program Joins Forces with Content-related Meetups

Meetups for Digital Asset Management and Content Management professionals can now be found, started or connected with presenters via DAM Guru Program’s help

Aarau, Switzerland – 22 February 2017 – DAM Guru Program has launched a new service through which people can find content- or DAM-related Meetups, start new Meetups or find presenters for existing Meetups.

“Meetups are the regional counterparts to DAM Guru Program’s global community,” explained program director, David Diamond. “By coordinating with Meetups, we connect the world’s content and DAM professionals both online and in-person, all year long, for free.”

Carol Thomas-Knipes serves as the DAM Guru Program content manager and also as an organizer for the NYC Digital Asset Managers Meetup, the world’s largest DAM Meetup.

“There are lots of content-related Meetups in the world, but they often have a tough time finding presenters and panelists,” Thomas-Knipes said. “Now they have the membership of DAM Guru Program at their disposal, and we have another avenue through which our members can help others.”

Through a new page on the DAM Guru Program website (http://DAMGuru.com/meetups), people can ask for help. As with all DAM Guru Program services, requests are handled by program managers who have DAM and content management experience.

Connecting Meetup organizers to professionals who can present at their meetings is a DAM Guru Program public service that doesn’t require membership in the program. Statistics that show member expertise are available at http://DAMGuru.com/stats

About DAM Guru Program

DAM Guru Program was created by Picturepark in 2013 to enable people in content-related fields, such as Digital Asset Management, Content Management, Information Management and the Library Sciences, to connect with one another, privately and via public forums. Membership and member services are free of charge, through subsidization by Picturepark.