DAM Shootout: Cloud (SaaS) vs. Onsite

This digital asset management webinar takes an unbiased look at the pros and cons of both deployment methods, as they relate to digital asset management software. Lincoln Howell (Belden) defends the Cloud, while Heath Norton (Northern Arizona University) tells why onsite was the best decision for him.

DAM Shootout: Cloud (SaaS) vs. Onsite

Digital Asset Management Webinar

Discussion about the merits of Cloud DAM versus installed on-premise DAM software.

RECORDING DATE June 27, 2012

GUESTS Lincoln Howell (Belden); Heath Norton (Northern Arizona University)

HOST David Diamond

Want to continue the discussion? Visit the YouTube page for this digital asset management webinar and leave a comment. If you wish to reach Mr. Howell or Mr. Norton, please email webinars@picturepark.com and your request will be forwarded.